Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jesus walks within our souls.

Taking a walk in the woods. Across the mossy lawn of the forest.
Crunching along the twigs and the bramble underneath.

Jesus walks in the forest of my soul. The hidden place untouched by man. He walks in the place of honor and valour like that of Robinhood.

yet sin and God don't mix. They are oil and water. They are mutually exclusive. The two will not work together. Like a forest fire out of control. Putting up controlled burns may stop the blaze. But more damage will occur in the process.

Help me Lord to realize that as you walk amid the forest of my soul that you will find green spots. Fresh with lush vegetation. A source of your holiness within me. Help me Lord to be the beacon of light that the world desperately needs to hear about.

May your glory shine forth from this beacon. As i bless others and the world in the process.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Scott, I like this imagery. I have not posted about this yet, but for many years, the Lord gave me visions of walking with him in a forest where we talked and he taught me things. Your post reminded me of that.