Saturday, July 05, 2008

A chance to fertilize

Walking along a roadside garden in newtown, friends discussed how corn got its growth. Each kernel grows on top of the other and are fertilized by the one below it. to create a full ear of corn.

The same can be said of how we witness and disciple one another. Allowing ourselves to be in close contact with another's life. To be disciplined to listen to what is being said and to look out at the weather and the conditions around us. To be bold and demonstrative in showing our enthusiasm to others. To be involved in the missions work of the church-on the front lines.

When I first saw the weather, I saw ominous storm clouds that I thought would bring two thunderstorms as I was planning to wander around the Stamford Mall this afternoon. I said I am not going on my venture and headed back home after breakfast and the gym. Took my brief nap and then called my friend, Louis, to say I was available for the pizza bake off to meet some new friends. I am glad that I did because I got to meet many new people and to share my writings with several new people. Did not get to do a read-off with a fellow author who wants to be published. Different system of thoughts. But I am keeping the door open to her so I can have a voice and influence in her life.

Thank you Lord for letting me follow my heart and for giving me a good afternoon and evening and a chance to quickly brush up on pool playing and allowing me to participate in the bake off by my friend's request. God is indeed Good all the time ,

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