Saturday, July 21, 2007

Unfolding of mystery

Recently, there has been a lot of hoopla and fanfare over the release of the Harry Potter book #7. While I have not read any of J.K. Rowling's works, I have some exposure to the phenomenon from having seen one of the books in a movie and my niece, Abby, has written a follow up to some of Harry's adventures from the perspective of an eight-year old child.

When I went to the Borders bookstore in Milford, one of the staff was dresssed in garb for their evening party. The release at midnight for each of the books provides a celebration for the children in our world. To unite many different cultures together to get them on a common theme and to bring them into the world of reading=now that is a good thing. It almost serves and acts in the same way as the NEA has done for adults and teens in their initiative of the Big Read which has brought people together to read a common book such as To Kill A Mockingbird for 2007 and discover the common threads among words.

One praise that I have for this kind of novel is that it provides children an exposure to common themes of life such as death and how to handle adversity.
And I have noticed some price wars on the prices for this tome=at Shaws,it is $20.99 while Stop and Shop is $24.99.

The common theme of good and evil in the book runs through literature from The Tolkien trilogy, to the books in the Bible and through modern poetry.
Even though I did not have extensive knowledge or exposure through Harry Potter, I just wanted to bring my voice to the table as this discussion unfolds in the future with others.
Peace to the reader in our times of trial and the fight for good and evil.

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Len said...

seventeen years to write them all, that's perseverance. Of course, if my paychecks were that big, i'd persevere too. ;-)