Saturday, July 14, 2007



I confess God that sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my conventional and limited mind around how you created the world in 6 days. you may have had a little more than a tradtional 24 hours to do so and you probably had a tad of assitance from the angel corps that you worked with. Yet, I see the way that you have done it.

Our small and fatihful men's group on mondays, aka the mad scientists of VBS, is studying a DVD series on creationism. It is amazing the details that went into the planning of the universe and how it is sustained so well. yet when I look at trees, plants, or animals, each one is created through the interaction of seeds of varying sizes. But it is you God who established the pattern for it to occur. I can not fathom how it was done, but I am grateful that you did it so well.

In our 8am Heaven class at Trinity Baptist in Fairfield, we are learning that God is preparing a place for us. If God has done such a good job preparing the world for us to enjoy in 2007, heaven will be a more marvelous place. In Mercy Me's song, I can only imagine, the lyricst is saying, He can only imagine what it will be like and how will he respond to Jesus, God's own son.

I am grateful God that you can be omnipresent and able to do many things at once. I only wish I could have a little of those powers. Yet, if I did have those like Bruce Almighty found out, life would be slightly overwhelming. I am glad that you have created this world in the way that you did.
Since my cloning machine failed and could not be in 3 places at the same time, I decided to forego two events and focus on just one. In that way, I was able to coordinate my friend, Gary Davis, to go to the coffee house at church and allow him to experience God's love.
Through the humor of a little child, Cynthia, thought that I was the grandpa to the kids of our choir director. Yet, it is good to see how God's humor affects the little children of our day and how God can use the same last names to confuse some and to bless others as well.

So thanks Lord, for allowing the cloning machine to conk out. And help those who read this not to be frustrated when they try to or desire to be omnipresent. Just won't work at all!!!!!!

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