Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a five bus morning

Today, nothing worked perfect. I got on my morning bus #11 and that was fine. but upon entering the terminal and hopping on my coastal link, the bus would not start well. so we had to wait for the next one twenty minutes later. Then when we almost were at the Milford Mall, a very talkative lady passenger got off the bus and fell in a small hole twisting her ankle and hurting her back. She complained for the whole time. Of course, we had to wait for the next scheduled coastal link to get to the mall.

No time this morning to stop at the store or to the Panera bread from the delays i experienced on the bus lines. And I forgot to pack my lunch so it was chip feast for lunch. What a day and to be Christmas in July also.

Passengers really should not make comments toward others even if they are not liked. but that is how life is. and being on public transit is definitely an adventure. As Greyhound says, leave the driving to us and I can also add the troubles and aggravations as well. I just have to watch and experience them as well.
And it makes definite good conversations with the operators of the bus lines as well. ├ůs I told Ken this evening, I could definitely write a tale on the adventures of my time commuting. It takes up a good lion share of my time.

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