Monday, July 23, 2007

not my job

I gathered with two other christian friends who I have spent many a monday night over the past 7 years. We listened to the adventures and struggles that one of my friends is having. When he gave me my ride home from our meeting, I said there are 6 billion of these people who have personal struggles with addictions of one kind or another and God cares about each one of us. I said, " I am sure glad that I don't have that job. i would not want that." Yet, I am sure glad that God appointed Jesus and the prophets beforehand to do that job. And He allows us the privelege of praying and intervening for 6 out of the 6 billion that we represent through prayer.
Glad that I went to shelton to gather with 2 others. It showed me that my struggles are minor in comparison , but they are still important nonetheless. And to have an impact through praying for my friend's family and someday maybe meeting them in heaven and being told by Jesus," Scott, well done good and faithful servant, now you may enter your rest." Lord, help me to recognize that I will get my rest when I have done my service to you and allow me to be more available to others and see with Jesus's eyes and be His hands and feet. And to be a willing ambassador for Him.

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