Wednesday, March 14, 2007

staying the course.

This is a clarification from the last post that I made. My intention was to encourage those including myself that are on the faith journey to be more like Christ. It is hard to implement qualities of character. It is almost like that of growing seed from scratch. When the package of seeds gets opened up, there are these hard diagonal shards that have elements of life residing within them. I have been told that these seeds have to die before they come to life. How that happens is a mystery. I am no scientist in this regard. But the faith journey is the same way-in that we have to die to ourselves and the desires that are on the surface and surrender to God so He can meet those needs. We all just have to look for others on this journey and realize that Christ is a part of those journeyers as well. And to jump on the wagon and pursue lives of righteousness. Peace

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