Friday, March 30, 2007

A gathering for the child

This evening at our prayer and praise service, our church was packed with friends from other local churches and past attendees as well. Little Naomi has had an impact on the local community. I knew she has an impact but I did not realize that on a friday night, we would get such a good turnout of people for prayer, praise and fellowship. And to see people wearing the blue persevere bracelets on their arms for neiman picks disease=each united for the family. The final version of the poem- a modification of the last entry went well.
So here is the modified version which I want to share with the world and those that read it, please pray for Naomi and the hundreds that are affected by this disease on a daily and moment by moment basis.

Naomi's World

Upon the eternal sky of heaven, God has woven into place stars and planets.
And has made the moon and the earth.
Upon earth, He has crafted people and animals to share lives with each other.

God is at His loom weaving. Weaving stories of people's lives. Through hearthache and triumph.
From the very moment of birth, we see her being given a significant name-to hold her theme of life.
Naomi Grace Tyrrell. Biblical in theme. Naomi coming from the Hebrew meaning graceful and her name coming from the lineage of Ruth.
Later glancing out the window, we see a broken dream. To have and hold a healthy daughter.

Yet God is at the potter's wheel-fashioning His best creation for the world to see.
To see her gentle smile on a sunday morning and the devotion that she brings to her family. An encouragement and a sign of hope and joy.
God has woven this family together-each one a close-knit stitch mark,
a witness to the world.
a shining beacon of hope to those with Neiman Picks.
A welcome mat for Christ to stand upon.

Seeing little Naomi on the shoulders of her family. Let us see her as God sees her. Bless her eyes and hands and feet and soul.

Being in the midst of this world is not easy.
Hard to see those who lack sustanance and vitality.
Yet within the spirit, it is evident.
How God has nourished the vineyard of the Tyrrells and Greers.
How He sustains and Nourishes souls as well.

May God the weaver and spinner bless the tapestry that is being created today.
May He share the flaws and the beauty with all.
Not one stitch out of place or time.

Demonstrating that God is in control.
Praise be to God.

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