Monday, March 12, 2007

something new

Getting back in the game of faith is not always easy. It can be tough to have the right attitude to do what is needed for the following day. It may not always be easy to be of good cheer knowing a 2-1/2 hour commute faces me and I have so much to accomplish in the coming week. But it is good to have done a bible study in the evening and to have answers reflecting the apostle paul's life and how he faced his hardships.
I tend to be a sunday christian who opens the Bible while at the church for a study at the particular day of the week. I do share my faith with my coworkers and some people on the bus. But I need to let God's word permeate my life so I can share from it and not just say i am reading the Bible for my study. I need to put Christ at the center of my life. And to have him there for my neighbors and to make Him an actual person that they see Him living through me.
My friend, Sean, at our monday mens group shared His walk with Jesus and how he is participating with Jesus and affecting the lives of others. That is dynamic christianity in action. I wish I modeled that more and was not just a sunday christian who opens up the Bible if I feel like it but I would love to be a daily Christian who walks with JESUS daily.

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Jenn said...

I'll bet you make more of an impact than you know, Scott. At any rate, I don't believe for a second that you're "just a Sunday Christian."