Saturday, March 17, 2007

shared images of Naomi's world

wanting to make a contribution in the life of a very dear family in our church who has been struggling with a daughter having a disease that will probably shorten her life to not experience many of life's little blessings that others have had a chance.
As in the film TItanic, there is the saying at the end of one of the producers saying that after 3 years of being on the Titanic that he never let the meaning of it in for him.
It might be the same way with experiencing the uncertainty of an illness that is so seldom known or diagnosed that we do not have a chance to really live life. I have some experience on this side of my life having lived for 43 years with my handicap and how it has affected my family. I find it very hard at times to understand how this tapestry is woven, yet, it is woven by an expert loomsman who knows how our tangles are going to get unwound at the end. We may not know all the paths that the string will take in our lives. The loose string at times can get very knotty and hard to untangle. At times, feeling like leaving it on the floor to move on.....
But there is that drive within each one of us to make it stronger-by letting faith unglue the stuck parts and to make it a whole piece agaiin.

From having viewed, Walk the Line, on the life of Johnny and June Carter Cash. it is how lives can be brought together through a common theme and thread. It is this walk of faith that brings the loose bits together so that we can see suffering-whether it is a 4 year old daughter that needs to be held by her mom or dad, or pushed along in her stroller. Limiting in a way but also providing a window to a picture of God that is much deeper than a flannograph picture of Jesus calling to and reachng out to the little children.
Naomi is one of those little children so in need of the touch of the healing power of Christ. So this little piece is dedicated to her and her supportive family.

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