Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let us go siancing.

This past saturday night, I attended a valentine's day dinner dance with singles throughout Connecticut at a resort and spa. The facility had trees lined with small white lights and paths that were lit from the grouind. When I walked into the facility, the ladies were dressed in long black and red flowing dresses and the men had ties and jackets on. I enjoyed being around some new people who I did not know before.
The band that evening played christian songs and I really enjoyed one slow dance with Maryanne who held my hands I rested one of mine on her shoulder, and we danced and sang for that song. I wish it could have gone on longer-just moving slowly and us both singing songs to Jesus in worship. To be connected and in an holy embrace-if only just for a few moments. May the moment be remembered even when I at times feel far off. I can just go siancing as I used to sometimes do at work when I hear a good song on the radio at work.
I am currently enjoying on DVD the concert, Harem, sung and danced by Sarah Brightman. In one of her beautful songs, she sings who wants to live forever. I do!!!!!! With the backdrops of temptations and struggles that I face daily, I have to be reminded that this is a promise that I have received from the Holy Scriptures of God and Jesus. I WILL LIVE FOREVER!!!!!
It is a promise that I will not be void. When speaking of promises, God had made some far fetched promises that don't always at the time seem like they are going to work out. Imagine being Abraham being told that he was going to be a father of many nations-which number as the grains of sand on the shore. That is a lot of grains. I have trouble counting after a thousand the grains. Yet, to God, that is fairly easy.
NOw for the modern day of example of having God guide me through my daily life. It is a very hard thing to do since I want to control much of it as I have been discovering in my evenng bible studies in Revelation and Romans. In the areas of intimate relationships, I do not see many ladies that I could start a relationship with, especially with some of the limits that I place upon myself such as the lack of my driving and other man made obstacles. Yet, the beauty of God is that He allowed others to overcome tough obstacles by placing man within a circumstamce and drawing a curtain on the stage and letting us go thorugh the battle and challenges of life with other characters, our friends and enemies, that make us better in the process of life.
So I need to dance off my siancing shoes and do that more often. And to do it in front of a stage with God looking out at me and the special people He has and will place in my life!!!!!

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