Saturday, February 03, 2007


Living in the Northeast can be a good time of seasons. Having passed the half-way point of the winter, we have only had the occassional dances of the snow which has come as a whisper that has floated across the sky. Yet, the few drops has just been a coating of frost that has glistened upon the sidewalks and driveways to show us that Old Man Winter has slept in Fairfield County this year. But I will take the abberration of not walking to the bus stop and work in drifts of snow as a gift and not complain.

With the high costs associated with living in this region, it does display beauty in the oceans and forests that are present. And the parks and places of refuge that line the area as well. It is a place where the rich and poor gather and can work out issues that are faced in life. And is a place where intense struggles and contrasts exist as well.

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