Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Charlie Chaplin day

The day went rather normally until about 10am with my breakfast with 4 other men from our church at the diner and then my trip to the gym and grocery store. Then off to the bus and I am standing up getting my fare card ready and I did a Charlie Chaplin routine of falling down on the rear. something that I would not want shown on Americas funniest home videos. But it is on camera through the cameras on the bus I am sure. Hopefully no one sees my antics.
Later this day, I watched classic Chaplin and what Charlie did all the time was "fall and fail to put out fires."
Better get better sleep and not be as concerned about coupons for Pastrami sandwiches and whether the frequent flier miles are still valid on the airlines I have flown on. When an idea hits my head, I can't divorce myself from it until later on. I have to solve it=my pig=headed german stubbornness that is a part of me.

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