Saturday, May 06, 2006

Passing it on

Today is a day of blessing others. I learned the importance of passing on scritpure from generation to generation.
In a puddle, a child places a pebble and then stands back and sees the ripples going out from the splash of the pebble into the pond. The echo effect of that toss is immediate. A legacy passed down in faith takes years and the impact is heard and enacted upon through the one who remmebered and the listeners. Indeed that is how the oral tradition of telling the Bible occurred long before the printing press and the written papyrus scrolls.
Last night on Book TV, there was an speech done by Alan Shepherd , the astronaut from the Gemini and Apollo space programs. He stated that when moon rock and dust come back to earth, they need to be preserved in cases with special nitrogen surrounding them. So in the same way the family acts as the environment through which stories are preserved and passed on to be a legacy to future generations.

I tag Len.

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