Wednesday, November 02, 2011

one half century of Blogging!!!

Here I am. At the amazing 500th post. Hard to imagine from the very nascent beginnings of 2003 from my old HP computer that I have come this far!!!
Life has its twists and turns from the very beginnings of Triumph. Many moments of victory and moments of defeat. Of the exhilerating highs and the lows that accompany our lives.
It is tough at times to open up the soul and reveal what is inside of it. I regard it sometimes as very fragile and delicate. That which has happened to it needs to be kept in the shell. Secluded and safe.

But here I am on the precipice to climb into another 500 posts to bless and encourage and express frustrations and challenges as I seek to find the way everlasting each and every day. Inching closer to the cross of Christ. Where there is no suffering or shame at all. Since He went ahead of us and I need to march in that direction and not in the direction of anyone else!!!

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