Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Land of Entrapment

For so many years, Maine has had the same slogan and nickname. I think as the perennial mayor of this state, we should call it the land of the many fingers. I have looked at the map of the state of Maine and have seen so many little islands jutting out from the coast. For the shore extends for miles.
In the hand of the fingers, Detective Cousleau holds the crown jewel and must be careful not to lose it. Often he bungled the capers that he investigated. This is what has sometimes happened with the state bungling the beauty of the land.
I know that the state has had long standing nicknames of the pine tree state or vacation land, but why not change it to give it the flair of attraction. It deserves that fresh new coat of paint.
As one drives along the coast of Maine towards Canada, it is called going DownEast. When I look at the map of the state of Maine, it looks like someone holding a trophy up and capturing the beauty asking the beholder to view and be raptured by its beauty.

Imagine going only 300 to 400 miles from anywhere in the NorthEast and enjoying the land of the many fingers. It would greatly save on the airfare to Bermuda or St. Croix. There are many reasons besides the money to be saved to go to Maine as your get-a-way. First, there is the natural beauty that it offers. Where else can you go in the world where you can see the rugger Mainers working on the coast pulling their lobster traps and the boat builders working on the skiffs and yachts to go down the gangplank into the water for their maiden voyages. For many such people do such a thing. Tourism is a big business for the state accounting for 7% of the gross state product. It contributes $2.5 billion. One article treated this industry as an export industry. This happens through the visitation of the tourists to our state. As the potential mayor, I would educate the visitors of the importance of living on the land and enjoying the quaint aspects of it. Taking the time to sit on the porches to enjoy the slowing down of the traffic on the Sheepscot River and the gulls returning home to their nightly rock.

For the youth at summer time, they sail the bays and inlets that are outlined by these little fingers. When one goes to the shore, the young adults form regattas at the local yacht club and sail in front of the summer rental cottages. Our family saw many of these races up close in front of our cottage and it was always an exciting time to see what they learned at the time.
These 5 fingers can fit perfectly in the glove of your hand. The land of the perfect fit.

There are the stops along the way of the blueberries that people can pick from the side of the road. I saw many a car as my dad drove along the country lane of Route 27 towards Boothbay Harbor, and occasionally, there were stands at the side of the road of people selling their wares.

Yet, if one wanted to go to the casino, they can always escape to and gamble and enjoy the limelight of gambling. Yet that does not reflect the true character of Maine. There should be a law that protects the beauty of Maine. Just as there are laws that protect the sanctity of animals, why not protect the beauty. Many areas have lost the general nature of Maine.
Our rural vacation spot at Pratt's Island at the tip of Southport Island on the western side was compromised recently by the building of mcmansions. One such one is 17,884 square feet for a summer enclave for artists on almost six acres of shorefront. The Pratt's Island that I know gets accessed by a rickety one lane bridge that creeks when the car goes over it-requiring one to hold their breath on the journey. To get a glance of this new devlelopment all you need to do is to look at the recent October issue of Down East magazine and read about this creation.

While there is a beauty still from my memories of the seven summers on the island, the beginning of my first romance, progress can take away from the rustic beauty that our family was so used to. Being used to five rooms is fine that get heated by the evening fire. The draft that blows through the cracked doorways is part of the charm of a rustic Maine cottage.

These kinds of tourism are gentle and can be found apart from the large tour bus crowds. While a more elaborate casino may be great, there are moments to enjoy that I have remembered from so long ago.

So, I would definitely petition the state legislature and congress to change the designation of Maine as the Finger State. For she definitely has many of them and each one can lure you into an adventure close to her lap. Come sit down and enjoy the story of being entrapped in the splendor of Maine.

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Very good description. My sister and family live in New Brunswick, Canada, they 've been to Maine