Monday, November 14, 2011

Advanced Drawing.

When I was a child, I made attempts at drawing. I remember being in Mr. Lambert's art class in junior high and getting assistance with drawing a cat on a big tan piece of paper. I drew with crayon or colored pencil and colored the image. I had it in my art portfolio which I shared at that time with some of the people that I knew at the time. Not something that I was tremendously proud of. Kept the portrait of the cat for a while. She may still be rolled up in a ball somehow to be discovered later and maybe to auctioned off for millions of dollars.

Drawing has many meanings in life. Tomorrow, I am off to have a vial of blood drawn for the basic cholesterol testing. At least not the full drawn testing for the pituitary tests in the past.
Then there are times when we get older and we may draw some blanks. Imagine how that gets done. I can barely draw that straight line. I surely could be an expert in drawing a blank, but it is not something that I would be very proud of though. So I will keep thinking hard--to draw out those neurons and those connections. And when I have another 20 years of work ahead of me, that may be one of those rewards to look forward to.

Drawing Conclusions is what we are to do when we make decisions. I wonder what a conclusion would look like on a canvas. For they can be rather lengthy and as my professor , Dr. John D, in Science and Faith at the New England School of Theology says, "Scott, try to keep it brief and simple and to the point."
Yet, I do like to make the connections and can be rather exhaustive, even to the teacher. But I like to keep the neurons firing away in the chamber of my mind as long as it remains active.
Now I better try to be exhaustive before I exhaust myself out!!!!

For another time, there is that play on the word, "exhaust."

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