Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sailing out of the doldrums of life.

It has been a while since I have written this piece. Taking up the keyboard and moving the words of life for others to hear, ponder, and listen to.
I spoke to John, a friend of mine, and he mentioned how we need to look at the moving parts of thought and argument. We also need to look at how life is constructed and built. Especially when sometimes the puzzle pieces of our lives get tossed out of the box and mixed up with the pieces of many others on one big pile.

That is where passion comes in when we take the uniqueness that each of us has been given and infused with the creativity, we can find and enhance how those pieces will end up. The original 1,000 pieces won't be in that box minted in 2010 minted with the brand of company X. But those pieces of our lives will influence many other folk in our society.

Imagine what an impact we can have if we take some creativity that we have and move some of these pieces around and create great pieces of art. Art that emerges with our mind and our souls on the front of a page.

I am not a huge fan of the moving piece of not being at the desk at Pepe's but I have seen a world bigger than I ever thought possible. A world that is filled with wonderful people that so many corporations are missing out on. A world that I am dying to help and a world that I hope I will get to know real well in the coming months. Of igniting a big firestorm of talent in the region so that people will feel good at themselves.

To look on the top of the tapestry and not being stuck under it. To see the fine needlepoint and pattern that emerges.
Tangles do exist underneath but there is great beauty when viewed from above~~~~

Be blessed until next time.. For more inspiration, stay tuned and glued to your seats~~~

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