Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Mixing Bowl

Under the counters in my kitchen there are many mixing bowls that I rarely use. I have them stacked with the biggest one on the bottom and I nestle the others within it. Almost like nested dolls.

I was at the holiday concert of the Bridgeport Symphony and I heard the spiritual, He has got the whole world in His hands. As I offered up a small humble prayer for an individual I barely know, I realized that God mixes them up on our behalf. Through the use of the Holy Spirit collectively and separately as well. For He makes something beautiful out of them.
And when I look at our experiences on our earth, our earth looks like a mixing bowl. Just as I have watched dishes being prepared with mixing bowls and on rare occasions have used them myself, the heat of the oven shapes the raw material into something tasty.

Our experiences can be raw but in the heat of His love, He will shape it into something wonderful for people many years from now.
For He does have the earth as the mixing bowl in His hands
shaping and redirecting the world for our betterment.



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