Sunday, December 13, 2009


I watched parts of the movie, Evan Almighty. It gave me a cheer to see how a modern day senator becomes Noah as he listens to God even as he gets mocked in front of the assembly. at the end, the angel of the Lord or the Lord himself writes in the earth, ARK for acts of random kindness. In this movie, it showed how we need to stick together in the toughest of times to become a family. The angel even said that you have to learn how to do the dance of life.

I also shared in response to a friend saying life is humbug as I said " you need a bah in front of humbug. Yet, bah is what King David tended, that is sheep. And Jesus is the Great Shepherd, a descendant of King David. So, I saw Bah to whovever wants to respond that way to Him. And I am glad that I did not really mean bah since you brought me around to the real meaning of the Holiday of Jesus even if you are building some new constraints and parameters for me to walk in this faith journey.

Thank you Lord for giving me something to laugh at and to be in your household of faith.

And thanks for reconnecting me to a classmate through a simple response to someone's post. Lord, i only wish I could friend you and have you instant message me back. NOw that would be cool!!!!!!

But you left your messages already in the Word of God and in my Spirit. I just need to poke and prod through them more closely!!!

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