Sunday, June 07, 2009

the wading room

I know of several pregnant ladies and when I thought of the phrase, waiting room for the womb and then came up with an even greater one=that of a wading room. For that is what the infant to be is in for his or her 9 months. A room that is padded with smooth walls and plenty of room to do laps around the pool many times. And time to sleep and rest and get ready for the upcoming busy days of life.

Time to have all of his or her organs neatly knit together and to be wired with all the connections by the master electrician. For indeed the human body is an amazing gift that has been given by God.

And an author from the Jesus community blog suggested that the mind and body and spirit of man is a counterpart to the trinitarian nature of God which was enlightening.

His site is

blessings to those who read this!!!

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