Friday, June 12, 2009

A time of Sorrow.

Mortal sadness
turns to immortal gladness.

Times of sand
captured in a bottle
gently cascading upward in time.
leaving behind a murmur of a footprint on the soul's memory
the faint heartbeat
and then silence.

Deeply recessed and hidden from view.
No public memorial of sadness to share
Only an inner grief and turmoil

May the gentle wake of the waves caress along the shores of ones life.
Evening out the hurt in time.

Weaving in and out of time
hard to patch up the scars with needle and thread.
No need to ...yet.

Just to be silent and reflect on life. Life lost and life gained.

The soul-a bitter collection of herbs- of hopes dashed against the rocks of time.

yet Look to the sky above and see that God is good.
see the Heavens speak of His glory.

Hear and smell the spume of the seashore.

The waves washing along the coast in riplets, mourning the passing of life.

tears lacrimating
Life's flows- a product of life.

May days ahead reflect the emerald green of immortal gladness upon the shores of time.
washing amidst our deepest sorrows. of those mortal griefs we do indeed share.

May God's special angels be present
as candles get lit.
announcing and sharing in the little one's brief appearance on earth within the womb
touching our lives in ways not yet seen--
As guardians at the gates of time.

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