Monday, September 29, 2008

The warmth against my back.

Today I felt the sun against my back and felt a droplet or two of water on my head fall from overhead.
I spent today on the bus through my long 4 and a half hour retreat reading a treat of a book written by Sue Monk Kidd. The book is God's Joyful Surprise. It was a good book to get a glimpse of how someone gains intimacy with God.

When I walked to my office from the bus stop, I looked around me and saw the blue sky and green trees with their leaves still on them surrounding our corporate campus of one white building. I heard the sounds of the birds singing. And I enjoyed walking jacektless to work. Yet, when I arrived, some of my coworkers complained of the humidity and the lack of coolness to kill germs around them..

But to me, it was a part of the retreat that I made to not stick my nose into the news and instead to focus on the spiritual side instead. Now, I just have to apply what I learned and let God speak to me.

It was a day to be surrounded by nature and to enjoy a dvd of the Planet Earth series on the role of water on our planet. The second time viewing it.

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