Tuesday, June 03, 2008

On the Road to Heaven.

Tonight, we saw several speeches from the candidates looking for their next employment=to govern our free world. On the Road to the White House. Yet, that task will never be easy. And to grasp at that power for a promise of change is a very lofty goal to reach towards.
Yet, in life, we are promised a carrot at times , something to make our lives better. Let us hope that what is being promised to us in the campaigns will get delivered. But there are always temptations that will shortchange what happens when compromise and debate are brought onto the table.

In the back story of the lives of the pilgrims that have graced our earth in the search for ultimate truth, a battle has been waged of how to gain ultimate satisfaction.

I agree that entropy or the law of diminishing returns is a tool that the devil uses since we have that fleeting glimpse of satisfaction this one and only time. Yet, as the source of satisfaction draws near, the ultimate target is yanked away. To be chased again. As Solomon said, life is chasing after the wind. He should know since he experienced it first hand.

For being like a child, it is fun for me to exult in simple things in life like going to a listening meeting for the buses=to talk and be around people that experience what I do in riding buses.

And as christians, getting together to identify with life and with one who risked His life so we may live beyond our finite existence on earth. Doing simple things together like coffee hour and communion and blogging and praying.

So let us not forget to get together and exult in the very simple and yet profound of things. Getting to know ourselves, our God and our human potential. Let's go Jesus!!!!!!

Our ultimate ruler on earth and in Heaven. So let us celebrate with open hearts and hands and a pure mind.

Which is the only way to gain satisfaction in this life. Otherwise, we are going to be chasin after the wind, baby.

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