Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gates of Discovery.

The Gates of Discovery.

The very beginning of my life.
A time for my parents to understand and discover how to unlock my soul.

to get it to sing and bring Glory to our creator.
Times on the floor with the wooden puzzle pieces. To engage my mind into action.

A time when I was nine, when I was enrolled in the discovery center, the new wing at the Henry Viscardi School
to learn and gain some wings.
Time for slow progress, a time for life to emerge from my soul.

A time of exit and transition to the real world.

A time of conscious awareness of myself to emerge from that cocoon.
Times to struggle against that cocoon...
breaking free from the confines of the handicapped world.
Yet struggling to be accepted into the new world of normality.

Now, as I constantly enter through the gates to discover who I am.
To be free to be myself. To be free to be in love with Jesus and the world around me.

Discoveries bring advancement to mankind to make it a better place.
Which emerge from virgin territory. A world with plants and animals and artifacts.
To fashion into skyscrapers and nobel peace prizes.

Yet sometimes eluding our grasp as well.

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