Saturday, June 28, 2008

I survived being the mad scientist

This week, I learned to trust and rely on friends of mine who helped me get from my work to my bus and from the bus to the church. I am thankful for Mark and Todd for their faithfulness in making the time at Vacation Bible School going seamlessly and bring me out of my comfort zone and more into the arena of action in Christian service.

This week, I was pushed to the limit being a mad scientist before fifty children at our annual VBS party at church. We did all kinds of experiments which ranged from mixing various combinations of water, rubbing alcohol, oil and food coloring and salt. All with the beach theme to teach the children five beach be-attitudes. To be obedient, kind, forgiving, bold and believing.
This mad scientist performed 5 experiments hands-on. I placed a balled piece of paper inside a cup and submerged it in water. and it came up dry inside. I also did an experiment where I added food coloring to cold and warm water. Then I simulated erosion on a beach set up in a tray.
The fourth night was my favorite since I was sitting in front of the children in a small yellow chair. The 4 an 5 year-olds gathered and swarmed around me and watched as I explained the magnet drawing the paper clip around in the sand. During this experiment, I almost felt like Jesus with the children who surrounded Him.
On the fifth night, I poured a lot of salt to move a hydrometer higher up in the cup.

These were all simple experiments, but they gave me the opportunity to share Christ with the future generation of the church and make me more comfortable being a member of a team.

When commenting about the week at the famous men's breakfast club at Andro's diner, one of our members asked, "hey, did you inject anything into the kids." I replied, "sorry, I did not. But we did inject them with lots of love and christian be-attitudes. "

Let's go and gear up in 2009 VBS!!!!

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