Saturday, May 12, 2007

mirroring and reflecting.

Mirroring and reflecting life, this past couple of months has been spent reading Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" and interacting with the citizens of Maycomb County, Alabama. Ordinary folk-those with struggles of identity and meaning.

Entering into the primary character, Scout's world, we see a mirror that indeed does have two faces. A child that looks upon her surroundings-walks around in them and sees at an early age how to identify with others and how to avoid them.

We also see her looking back as an adult. From her experiences, these confirm what she has indeed learned. How the present has shattered past memories-of how death has come to the mad dog and how death came to Tom Robinson. Death is a function of life that can nourish the memories of the soul. Bringing life to plants as the seeds die.

The story that our four towns of Stratford, Bridgeport, Shelton and Stamford have participated in is one of hope as we see Atticus's character formed. From his interaction with the sherriff, Hector Tate, Atticus understands that defending Tom Robinson will not be a win, yet it helps to build a foundation for society. In a way, his dream for society is fair treatment. yet the prejudices of the community based on hearsay evidence stirred hatred.

Yet from Scout's innocence, we see her pondering the meaning of Boo's small gifts. Imagine if Boo could have been in the middle of the community-at the town square or in the jury room. He could have changed society. Yet, the biggest change occurs in the quiet and from the perspectives of an innocent child and the power of words.

The book does provide for a lot of food for thought and insight on how to live our lives.

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