Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Balance of Life

Walking on the balance beam provides an unsteady approach at times. When I was a child once, I had difficulty doing that balancing act. Even when walking around at times, it feels like being on that balance beam=taking a second to regain my composure. But luckily, I regain it with the internal clock of equilibrium that we have within us.

Most systems in our lives have an equilibrium center such as the economic free market system. In the ideal world of theory where there are constants added and only maybe one variable, the equation is much easier to figure out. Yet when many variables are added, it can be very difficult to find the true center North.

Running races and marathons are measurable and under the constraints of a clock. Making fair winners and losers. Yet in this modern rat race, we all run according to different abilities and no standard judgment can be used for us. Yet, within our very bodies we are being pushed to the extremes where ultimately everything is in balance=whether in life or in death.

The natural life cycle is ongoing and will not fail to be completed-no matter how much we fail to everything right. God has a different measuring stick of which I am very grateful because he measures things according to the heart and not according to outward experiences.

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