Monday, April 16, 2007

Walking in the community-The Big Read

What a big day our city of Bridgeport has had with the Big Read of 2007 with To Kill a Mockingbird. The wet and windy weather from last night could not stop Mrs. Laura Bush from landing in our city of Bridgeport. It is a city that has seen tougher times lately. But it shows the resilience and excitement from its residents as they gathered for this historic visit and celebrated the talents of elementary age children who portrayed Jem, Scout and Dill and brought to life the stories told within the book.
it was good to see the enthusiasm generated and see at the grassroots level the tenacity of our politicians to make learning a focal point of life.

It also provided for me a chance to develop patience and leadership as I worked through several obstacles throughout the day in getting there. From the announcement made in error of a cancellation to the kindness of my doorman Seth in driving up the street to inform me the event was on. And the patience to inform our group it was on by multiple phone calls.

Leadership calls for persistence. A knocking on of doors.
Let the Big Read continue and not just for april and MAY but forever.

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