Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mockingbirds take flight

This poem was inspired after having a poetry workshop at the Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport, CT. in connection with the Big Read, the NEA project to promote literacy nationwide. This is based on Harper Lee's novel, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Let my heart be obstinate.
Shield it from the flames of opinion.
Let it be firmly planted
Even when thrown off balance.

Let my heart join with others.
Let it join with other hearts who have joined causes-
unwinnable to many...
yet winnable for the benefit of mankind.

Let the wheels of justice get stuck-even if it causes some to be thrown off course.
Oh, How the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. has that dream for all to be equal.
--Regardless of the content of one's character.
How God wants justice.

Let us tolerate one another from our viewpoints.
Let us walk in one another's shoes.

Let the camellias grow---
even if consumed by fire or broken up by stick.
Let the Old mockingbird spread her wings.
For as Atticus said, "tis a sin to kill her."

Let her sing.
Let our hearts sing even when we are all but beaten down.

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