Saturday, April 28, 2007

Being intricately woven.

Many times there are scriptures that are read and heard many times. Now one of those verses came a little more alive when I viewed the exhibition, Bodies, at South Street seaport in lower Manhattan, a few blocks from the site of Ground Zero. The site was fairly congested with many buildings around there still, and no real hole was visible. Yet, just as when I flew over the site a few years back, there is still that eerie sense of a calm and a mystery. That we survived that day and yet there are many who did not survive that day. Our family was very fortunate not to get touched deeply. My cousin Bruce and his company made it out okay except for the soot and debris of the day.

My bible study group enjoyed looking at how our bodies are put together with the bones of the skeleton and the way the organs are all put together. What impressed me was how the blood vessels are like threads which are weaved together going behind bone cavities and all throughout the body. In psalm 1399;13, God has created our inmost being. you knit me together in my mothers womb. The thread could apply to the veins and arteries that carry forth and replace nutrients from our circulatory system. It is the same way with the way electricity flows with different wires for connections and is the same for the local church which has three sources of power. The exchange from the flow of the blood makes it pure and provide power for the body just as electrical currents bring power so we can see in the dark and type on the computer from what the synapses and connections of our brains bring forth to the keys of the computer.

The first source of power is prayer. It is the relienace of individual members to encourage and pray for each other. The local body of Christ also flourishes when people devote themselves to prayer and the breaking of the bread.
A final source of power is from the power of the word of God to change the lives of people.
Thanks God for helping me see a scripture come to life in an exhibit and help me to see how prayer and the bible are threads that I need to connect to my life to make it flourish as well.

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