Saturday, November 04, 2006

A symphony of peace

I went to the local Greater Bridgeport Symphony this night and the music of Romeo and Juliet. A play by Shakespeare with universal themes of love and hatred. Of failed relationships and also a way for different musicians to unite in language of notes and chords the expressions felt behind the participants.

Picking up a classical tape picked up almost 10 years ago , the music has the same elements that the symphony played- of a melody without words but one that crosses time well. So it is also with words that express thoughts of music whether in an ode or a short story or an article of a struggle of a team in sports.

So it is with Paws to Pause, a group that I am planning to start at my local church in Fairfield. It is a place where the music of our lives will unite us and give us a chance to make peace within ourselves and others. It is a place to be quiet and still and let God speak to us so we can somehow be HIs voice to others in a world that is often rushed to even hear him at all.

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