Saturday, November 04, 2006

Corporate functions

Looking at my curled hand without glasses on this morning, I realized how intricate and unique our bodies are. When milling through life with our vision aids and our urgency to get from one appointment to another, we seldom appreciate the uniqueness that is displayed in the creation of the human form.
It is with our hands that most of the productivity in the country is created. When the first caveman in society was around he had to make his hammer and chisel from rocks and stones and then fashion tools out of wood. It is with those hands that he and his family would gather the food and wood for the fire. It is with those hands that he would protect his property as well.
Over time, mankind's hands have been with gentle force working on peace accords or have worked hard in anchoring boats to the docks after a days journey. Or by chopping veggies on a cutting board in preparation for a family meal. Thanks for those hands that have brought life to the world.

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