Friday, November 03, 2006

Hubble's Eye Exam

This week I read in the news that the Hubble telescope is having an eye exam in 2008-its 4th. Over a 16 year history so far, that is not too bad. The cost for a visit to the opthomologist in the sky is a whopping $960 Million dollars. Almost a billion bucks. I love the astronomy program that Nasa sponsors that push what we see to an extreme. It is the perfect environment in the dark so dilating the eyes is much easier. Yet trying to thread tools through the telescope in outer speace and floating is much harder. I wonder where the eye chart is and where in the world the pictures of Rome would be to measure the strength of the prescription lenses. Yet, I could just see Mr. Hubble walking into Pearle Vision of the sky mall and asking where can I get this filled. It will just take a moment.
So let us gaze into the heavens and feel refreshed when the appointment is done in 2 years. So don't complain over a vist that is $200.00. Many fewere zeroes to account for.

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Tom said...

Well, we already know how many astronauts it takes to change a bolt on a space station: three.