Saturday, August 26, 2006

On a mission

I am on a mission in life. With the upcoming launch of the shuttle this sunday morning -weather permitting and all elements of countdown in working order, the astronauts who have trained for almost 4 years for this mission will have their work cut out for them.
It takes a lot of training for the astronauts going to a place a far way off and reaching for the space station takes a concerted effort. Plans must be in place and not only that, but systems in Houston and Cape Canaveral have to be in communication with each other.
I have to be more in tune with the way NASA operates its business-of being in symbiosis with the different organizations. The mission that I need to embark on is to be more organized in my life. I tend to not accomplish goals in my life-leaving many unfinished tasks piled on top of each other. I have trouble moving from one aspect of my life to the next. I need to remember to be like NASA more and have elements lined up better.

This is a lot like how the Holy Spirit works within the lives of believers. I do need to let the Holy Spirit have control in my life just as NASA has the command center with all of the terminals showing the trajectory (path) and the altitude and speed of the mission.

I am thankful of how I have seen several people that I know throughout life=Gail from the Kennedy Center at the bus station to a friend Dan driving by to hearing Chip's voice call out my name and to a church member, Kevin, as I chatted with him briefly while at the computer in the gym.
I need to have others on the team for the mission of Scott 2006 or however I call it.

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