Saturday, August 05, 2006

Becoming Real

Oh the power of make-believe. Of angels coming to the earth and helping mankind find himself. I watched a movie, Life-sized , of a doll that came to life to save a young girl about to be run over by a truck and bring together her dad and herself as a family again. Now that is a stretch for me to enter into the newest writing. But God has given each one of us an imagination.

We don't have to be perfect as this world wants us to be. We can just be ourselves. I was afraid today to enter the world as one with his hurts showing. I stayed for a good half of the day in my ivory tower of self-pity looking out at the world below. I am sorry God that I did not enter it with my heart and soul. I wish that I could have emotionally. Thanks God for the few moments that I took to shed myself and care for someone else by entering 7 numbers on the phone and encouraging her. To take the time and value someone who has lost part of her family and is struggling in health. And I thank you for the way that I see Jesus working within her too.

As dolls have numbers of authenticity marked on their presence, I have my name written in the lambs book of Life. A name that will not perish no matter how I may err and mess up. It is there for me to be with the Lion forever. With Aslam who travels in the The Chronicles of Narnia. His presense is among the animals and among the travelers who entered the wardrobe into the land of Narnia. To enter the world of authenticity it took the world to see Christ. A man on the outward appearance but within and throughout a powerful force of eternal life with the sparks of the Divine written all over Him for those in the crowds that CHOSE to believe in Him. And a time for him to be with us in the world in visible sense. to those Galileans and Jews who witnessed his time in the temple and his time on the streets and hillsides dispensing Good News to those who had no hope.

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