Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Hard to get used to fragments in life. Part of what you expect does not always come about as you have planned or hoped for. I was getting excited to spend some time with my brother and my folks next week for a long weekend only to find out that it will just be me with them instead due to a change in his plans. It is not easy dealing across country with family matters that are not always easy to know what goes on.
I am still going to the Down East which I love and would not miss the weekend for anything. What I will miss in Connecticut of a possible potluck at work, a beach service for church and a picnic with friends will be able to done differently throughout the year. I treasure the time that I have with family; even though I do not always show it the way that I should.
Last year, I sacrificed some local comfort and familiarity and had a blast when I spent Easter weekend with my parents. Watching Rachel Ray cook several times a day to the basketball playoffs to the NCAA tournament and the games of gin rummy and even the assembly of a pciture frame of my parents.

Go Maine.

I am glad that I was called my parents' pride and joy. Knowing what I put them through in the early years and how far I have come in life is encouraging. Still have a little ways to go. But don't we all.

For the last period of time, I feel that I am an archaeologist and anthropologist trying to piece together my life and the lives of my friends and family. Not totally having all the clues to mysteries in relationships. But trusting in God to make the best of everything. Even undrstanding myself is a puzzle a times-not being able to solve it all. I need to lean on

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