Saturday, January 21, 2006

New Beginnings

Today is the start for our memoir writing for 2006 with a new facilitator. It will be hard without our old reliable professor, but Mary and Gilligan will be alongside the new professor. Changes are difficult to take at times. But just as the seasons change from one to the next, it is always good to get a new flow of ideas into life.
The wood carver sits down and spreads out his apron and lays down his sanding blocks and knives with which he is going to cut the wood into a sculpture. He moves deliberately along the piece of wood and finds the groove to carve along. He has a white beard and a warm smile. He laughs as he carves and finds great joy in doing this activity.
The wood shavings accumulate and the aroma of freshly carved wood fill the workshop. He stands up and stretches his long arms and grabs a few more tools to fine tune this piece of wood. He looks around to clear cobwebs hanging from lamps in the ceiling that are full of dust.
He moves again to open the window to air his workshop out during this humid day. He hears a mourning dove outside his window and sees a group of children outside playing. He looks at the sky and gains inspiration to continue his work.
Carving wood is a lot like writing. Just touching the piece of wood and creating a structure as you go along. Just like with writing-bringing about the flow of ideas to communicate a meaning and blessing for the reader.

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