Saturday, January 07, 2006


Having only been on the hardwood floor as an assistant to the coach during my last two years of my high school years, I have learned much on how much perseverence it takes for players on a team. Seeing them do wind-sprints down the length of the floor to doing the stretching and boxing out and various offensive and defensive drills helps prepare the team for the challenges that are ahead during the actual game time.
Being on the actual courtside seeing the close action on a day to day basis is something that I will never forget. A lot of times when an observer looks at a game from the distance, they do not understand all the hard work that must go on behind the scenes.
Never being an athlete myself, I will never know first-hand the effects of the day to day competition. But being part of a close-knit community over two winters was very special when being present amongst teams of local high schools.
Now just being able to scream at the television screen that a college player should have done better is a favorite way to spend an afternoon or evening.
Thanks, Abe for giving me the chance to experience a part of life that I would not have otherwise being a fan in the stands.

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