Saturday, January 28, 2006

A lesson plan from space

20 years ago, a young teacher Christa McCauliffe, ventured to the world of space to give lessons to her students of what is out in space. She never got to give those lectures, but today in over 50 Challenger learning centers in the United States, students are conducting missions to the planets and galaxies. For a young woman to have a grand dream of flying in outer space and have it denied in her lifetime is frustrating to those who are left to endure the loss. That is where working as a team is required. To come alongside those to whom dreams are denied and to pursue those dreams anyway without the initiators of those dreams.
Moses had to endure a delay when he could not enter the promised land but had to wander.
Many times in life, we are faced with delays.
Delays are not fun. Whether it is a delay in giving a talk, getting a raise or just a delay in finding the special friend that God assigns is not easy since we can not see the cards that God is dealing into our lives.
we need to have courage and be the initators and finishers of those dreams just as coaches take off where others have left off and pastors take over the work of other pastors. Dream on.

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