Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weaving the Tapestries of your lives at the campfire

As I am sitting at the desk typing this piece as my other pieces here, they are done at the desk which my grandfather and then my dad and now I built our careers and lives successfully. Where decisions get made and where futures are cast.

And I also smell in the distance the aroma of a campfire which brings me to the camping trips that I used to go on with our family and during retreats where stories are shared around a campfire and good times are had.

While I was not directly at a campsite this evening. I did have the opportunity to wish a good friend of over 15 years having shared in different fellowship groups over the years. As I helped him celebrate by sharing our lives over the phone for his 54th year here on earth, it felt good to connect  just as I had in the past in a lounge at Black Rock Church over 15 years ago.   And I helped sing birthday with another one of my friends who turned 60 today.

When I look at these ages, I see that it is relative. When I was younger in my teens, my parents were in their late 40's and early 50s.  Back then it seemed old to me but now as my mom approaches 86 and is about to embark on a Lewis and Clark expedition to the Midwest from Maine in less than 4 days, I bring my experience of having an understanding of what life is all about and age is what we experience for I am approaching 51.

I look forward to the new chapter that this adventure will bring for my Mom will bring. I am fond of the Lewis and Clark adventures for my Mom and I read about them after I had ankle surgery and was catching up on some of my classwork during the 5th grade at home.  It was a bold time in the country at that time as explorers took root to what lay fallow and brought productivity to it.  For this time of exploration will bring with it an expansion of territory.  And a chance to meet new people and try new things.  And to start afresh.

While there will be some changes of not sleeping in the room where my dad slept for many years and calling it Dad's room.  And not looking out at the coast and the 5 picture bay windows that I considered my stage to see and view God's beautiful creation.  Or having the Mary Jane drink and eating the delectable combinations in the dining room at Piper Shores.

I heard on the news today of how there are some candidates lined up for a mission to Mars. However, it may just be a one way trip for I hear that it takes a VERY Long time to get there.  And there may not be enough time to make it back.
How to pack for that trip would be a mystery!!!  And when I hear the words" packing for a trip", those were the words that my dad shared in 2009 with a nurse in his last cogent days of what he was doing before he fell ill during his final week on earth.

So remember to take that time to reminisce with your friends and follow the prompts and memories of your days. For you will be greatly rewarded as you continue to weave the tapestries of your lives and make those valuable connections as people experience down times. I think of it as the steeping of that tea bag in a tea cup getting just right for some enjoyable sips.

Now if only I could open up that bag of marshmallows and place them on a stick and stick them in some graham crackers and chocolate candy.

Will rest from the day's travels and savor those wafts of smoke and reflect on the boatload of memories that I have experienced and celebrate what life has to offer.

So I thank you Dave for being that catalyst and prompt to have something written on the page and not let thoughts drift off into outer space never to be captured again in exactly the same way.

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