Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Idea Factory

District 53, I have a problem.  I volunteered to give a speech for Jan Jam.  Yet I have no idea of where to begin.
Have you ever found yourself to have this problem?  In the next 5 to 7 minutes, I am going to help you find ways to take something that may be in your mind and you never knew it before.  To have this be effective, I am going to need you to put on your thinking caps.  These will come in handy in that they will capture the ideas that are going to come from your idea factory that is going to put into work right  now.
As part of this process, it is real important that we examine how this factory of your brain is assembled.
It is divided into two hemispheres-the left and the right.    In our left hemisphere, we can describe it as logical, detail oriented, mathematical and deals with science and practical reality.
In our right hemispheres, we have the elements of feeling, seeing the big picture, and employing fantasy and risk.
As we look at the left and right hemispheres, it will help us to see how ideas can be created by answering a few simple questions.

First, when we use the left hand side of our brain, we need a map and a direction for which our ideas can be created and laid out.  It is best to jot them down. Once Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed that "we need to look sharply after our thoughts. They come unlooked for and like a new bird can be seen in your trees but if you turn your head they will just plain disappear."

It has been said that when an idea hits our head, it is almost like a light bulb that goes on. For this to happen, we need to have power.  Remember that our brains are a great powerhouse for ideas to be created and stored. And the end result can be of power, impact and persuasion.

Many of us have ideas that are all around us. I could call it an idea factory.  The key is to discover them and unlock them.  I have here a secret weapon that  we all possess. From our pockets, we have a common ingredient that we all must have to be successful: The household key.  How many times have we opened a door without thinking about it.
Each of our keys are uniquely created with its own pattern of the key.  It is the secret which will open us up into the world of the mind.

Now on this factory floor, there are a variety of workers that are going to be creating something beautiful.
That new prototype which we can carry about our lives.
These ideas form from the simple building blocks of the alphabet which are just 26 letters. And there are a myriad of combinations-well past a billion.  We just need to mix them up and find what works for us.
Second, these ideas can be very detailed and form a mosaic when they are put together. It forms a puzzle which we can look at and when hung, we can see other possibilities emerge.
Finally, our ideas can take us on a course of adventure.  At times, we may be comfortable sitting in our seats at the arena before a great boxing match but when it gets exciting is when the 2 boxers come out on the stage and start fighting and exchanging their fists.

As a result of our time here together this morning, i hope that you have discovered your own factory floor where you can assemble some awesome ideas together to bring back to your home clubs or your world to share.
Remember to take your ping pong rackets and create a tremendous volley of ideas back and forth.
Enjoy where that white ball takes you.
And remember to unlock your mind to new ideas as you enter that world of thought.  Who knows where that next big idea may take you.

Have fun.  We have just scratched the surface.

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