Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fully completing the Loop

Falling Up the Mountain
Gracefully going toward the medal stands
Taking it to that next level.

I watched on NBC Shaun White as he attempted to do a triple loop on the pike and the slope style obstacle course.

some thoughts emerged as he attempted to land some challenges amid some injuries and set backs.
Sort of an anecdote for life in a way.

fear drives us sometimes
frustration blocks us up
but being driven by an inner desire and a coach and mentor propels us forward.

Nothing in life is guaranteed.

This week I tried to break what was blocking me by sending out 3 inquiries of potential jobs.
I may get a few no's my way but I learned that "Yes does live in the land of no!"

We need to break that seal that can bind us in that fear.
   To open up that package and make new things happen in our lives!

To be challenged to take our sales to a new level. To a level not reached before.

Sometimes we can not contain ourselves.
  We  need to  give ourselves away to others.
That ultimately is where joy comes from.

     That in reality is what that moth becomes when he goes into the cocoon.
      He comes out as that beautiful butterfly.

Also reflect back to the manger:
   Born to us an infant babe.
   Emerging from the cocoon
      A world leader
      A personal revolutionary
      Set to change the world
       Standing in the cross and
        Emerging triumphant
          just like that butterfly.

We can all do that!!!

Where that waterfall can flow over the rocks and amaze us.
Or that ultimate Niagara falls that keeps on flowing.

Or Old Faithful that spouts each and every day!!!!
Coming from that inner core of the earth-
that molten magma coming through the crust of the earth.
  That very truth learned in the 6th grade during science class at Osborn Hill School.

Hope you have been blessed by some random wanderings of my life in thought.

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