Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fire and Water

This week has been an unprecedented week on the East Coast with hurricane Sandy that packed quite a punch to the shore and surrounding towns.
One of my friends, Jim, said that his grandmother gave good wisdom that the fire and water can be two of our greatest enemies.

That got me to thinking about how those two things can be good also. In the faith journey of a Christian, the Holy Spirit has been characterized by fire and was witnessed by many back then when the Spirit descended at Pentecost like tongues of fire.  And the movement of the Spirit has the capacity to spread far and wide as well.

Then there is the connection of the water being God's Word that can cleanse people's lives.  And that water can purify the soul as well.

So elements such as water and fire can have several components -some that help and some that harm.

Thanks Jim for providing that nugget of insight from your 100 year old grandma that lived her life on purpose up to the age she determined she would. Let all of our family do just the same!!!

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