Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let our imagination Soar.

Looking at that word, there are many ways that one can walk and approach that path.  At the end of the word is the word NATION.  For a nation to function, one needs a lot of images and brainstorms of people.
I just came from a Carrie Underwood/Hunter Hayes Concert in downtown Bridgeport that was packed with about 8,000 screaming fans of all ages.
On the screen there were constant videos flashing around a three dimensional cut-out and screen.  The images were of storms, of butterflies, of fights and of cherished moments with children.  Sort of how life is.

Today I had a small fight.  When my alarm fell on the ground, the morning greeting still went off, it went off louder. I saw my second hand needle was stuck and did not move.
I banged the alarm several times and it did not complain.
Then I decided to try placing three new double a batteries in her after setting up three other alarms. And that second hand started up again.
A little lesson from my small battle: always replace the energy supply when one of the hands slows down or stops.
Especially when it comes to loved ones. Alarm clocks can take a beating but people can not.

The beauty of original music is it transcends time and when combined with the depth of images, it is a thing of absolute beauty.  Think to those basketball games and the listening of the cheerleaders.

Now more tomorrow on the aspect of the role of imagination as I close off on my series of talks on creativity this Wednesday as I earn my Advanced communicator Bronze from Toastmasters International!!!!

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