Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Good day to all. This would have been Naomi Grace Tyrell's 10th birthday.  It was a day to pay it forward with random acts of kindness.
Naomi was such a special child and now can soar and walk through the gardens of God without any pain or limitation.

May we each  live our days on earth giving back to others and showing grace to our fellow man.

Peace and again Happy Birthday to Naomi and all who appreciate and love life to the fullest and even to our enemies and those that have fallen away from our hearts.

I wrote this poem several years back and it is worth a revisit since it captures Naomi so well.

Upon the eternal sky of heaven, God has woven into place stars and planets and made the moon and earth.
Upon the earth, mankind has been placed amongst the animals and each other.
Throughout life, God is at his loom weaving.
Weaving stories of people's lives and people's dreams.

Looking out a window, we see a broken dream at first. To have and to nourish a healthy daughter.
Dreams dashed to the rocks.
an interruption to the continuance of peace.

Yet a look closer to this picture, we see a family drawn closer to prayer and to the Word of God and His people.
A witness to the world=
A shining Beacon of hope to those with Neiman Picks.
A welcome mat for Christ to stand upon.
To gather His flock in dependence upon Him.

Being in the midst of this world is not easy. It is hard to see those who lack since I am one of those too.
But it is great to see how God provides. God sustains. Nourishes Souls.

The potter spins this clay upon the wheel. Making a pattern for Naomi and her family. Best suited for their use and ours as well.

May God bless us all as we look at her. Seeing her hands and feet and her soul and all her organs that God has knit together.
Not one little stitch out of place.

And now God has called her home.  A place to dwell on those streets of Gold so that His world will be more complete.

Let her butterfly spirit invade our world to bring it peace and joy and love. May His presence and her love dwell in each one of us today and forever more.

And today we celebrate what would have been her 10th birthday and the world is a better place because you visited it, Naomi Grace Tyrell.
The world misses you!!  
Keep dancing on those streets of gold.

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