Monday, January 09, 2012

Jumping out of the Box!!!!

Today is a day that I got a ten pack of boxes to consolidate records and make order out of chaos.
When we think of the cliche, we need to get out of the box, it is rather true. I am comfortable in its dark quarters where noone can see at times. But it can get rather cramped in those quarters also.
We are told to think outside of the box. I am aware of other walls that are out there. My question for dialogue to those who are reading is : How are we able to find and discern the boundaries that bind us and where is that courage to bounce out of the walls and jump to new territory given to us.

I was blessed to listen to a talk on Success 2.0 that Zig Ziglar and his son Tom run. It was given by Don Yaegar and talked on discovering greatness.
Michael Jordan failed to make his school's basketball league one year because someone else was chosen over him but he practiced and became one of the greatest basketball players even on the NBA court.

So let us jump out of our boxes to embrace more of what life has to offer and hit the 3 point shots and the magic swishes through the air into the net. For victories and huddles at mid court and times to wrap towels around our faces at the deep moments of defeat.

May all of us be blessed in the game of life!!!!

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