Monday, January 23, 2012

Be Still..and know that I am God.

I have always loved the verse," Be still and know that I am God." from Psalm 46:10. I have forgotten the context of that verse coming at the end of some rather tumultuous events. In the midst of those events that are ever changing such as wars and rumors of wars and the storms of life, God is there to calm those storms. Reminding me back to the Gospel of Mark 4:39 when Jesus said, "Quiet and be still" to the howling wind and waves.

In our lifetime, we are bound to face a rocky ride along the shore. There are going to be those storms that come against us.
Let us remember to take those times and to be still. It is almost like being in a boisterous crowd that takes a long time to be quieted down. But we need to remember to slow down and listen to the whisper of that Holy Spirit within us.

Only then, will we really begin to know who God is-beyond the general stories and the flannelgraph lessons from sunday school.
To know that mystery of Jesus=becoming man and still having divinity. Something that I can not unwrap fully. I wish I could.

I sure like to wander in thought and deed and find it hard to pay full attention. Remember it is Jesus and God whom we are going to spending eternity with. Wouldn't it be great to slow down and know Him well. To tell others about that great love as well.

Go in peace,
Grace as always.

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