Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Passed through another fear.

I am triumphant in that I passed through another fear that has faced me for the past few years of middle age. I went and had a routine exam called a colonoscopy. I survived stage one of it yesterday as I mixed up and drank almost 90 ounces of the trilyte solution to cleanse me for my exam.

When I went for my appointment this afternoon and was brought into the room to get ready, I had a little trouble figuring out the gown. They sure make them in an unusual manner in how one is supposed to tie these things.
When I was lying on the bed for the procedure, I saw the different nozzles and monitors laid out in a similar fashion to when I was visiting my dad last October at Maine Medical. It felt a little awkward knowing that in the medical setting my dad failed to gain back to normal robust health and eventually died of the infections that took over his body.
But I was at a doctor's office and after the twilight drug took effect, I could not dwell on that too much more.

After I had my procedure done, I was all dressed up and sat up for my ginger ale. Now that is service. It also reflects for me how I will be clothed in His heavenly dwelling when I enter Heaven some day to meet and worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I will be given that new body which will not need several visits a month or year to the doctor and I will be given a new spirit that will think like my God thinks.

Then as I was reflecting on how I was all ready to go after the procedure, I only wish that I could just fall to sleep and then with a magic wand, I would be transported to the job site that God has prepared for me to work at. And to be fully trained and functional at as well.

But for now, I will prepare as best as I can for the day when I walk through the doors of a new company that is in desperate need of my services and I will also await the day that God welcomes me home into His presence and will do my best Jesus to walk into your throne room to receive my rewards and give them back to you.
Thanks again Lord for choosing to be part of your Kingdom. Let me do your work and do it well, Lord.

Finally, what I am learning about living in the middle of my fears is not to let them get the better of me and to just accept the appointments that I need to go to and to have a willing mind and spirit to learn from them and afterwards bless others with the lessons that I have learned afterwards.

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