Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mighty glad that the war with the pipes is over.

My, how I battled bravely with Mr. plunger and the drano with the bathtub drain. It never would gurgle but water sat stagnantly in the bottom of the tub. I read plenty of literature on the web on green products for the environment for the plaumbing industry. And I even battled the plunger in the middle of aisle 20 in super stop and shop. getting the suction cup off the floor. One such bathroom battle failed when younger when the soap dispenser or game center suctioned to the bathtub wall broke up the tile when it was removed.

Now, after having a professional Family Mechanical plumber come thanks to my imagineers management co. all was solved in less than 3 hours.. Just have to get a plug if I want to take a bath. since the internal plunger is gone after rusting out.

the hidden lesson here is to stay on top of plumbing and don't try it on your own.

And keep the pipes clear for Jesus to flow through you, the reader and listener.
To God's still small voice within.

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Jennwith2ns said...

Ah, more plumbing stories. Seems like everyone is having them, these days.